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VMware vCloud Director End of Life / End of Support? No way….

I read this article about: Mythbusters: Debunking Three Common Myths Around vCloud Director Interesting article because many people thought that vCloud Director was not updated anymore! In May 2016, VMware released vCloud Director 8.10, the latest version of the product! Many think that usage of vCLoud Director is Lagging. That is also not true, in fact, …


My name is Johan Dijkstra, I am 36 years old. Currently working as a Consultant for Virtualization in Infrastructure and End User Computing environments. Working with products from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and other Vendors.

I am also interested in Home Automation (Domoticz), IoT and Electronics


You can contact me by mail  : j.dijkstra@loginconsultants.nl